How to request a Holter monitor

A Holter monitor can be requested by completing the online submission form (click on the adjacent link) or downloading and completing a submission form from the downloads section.  Alternatively you can contact us by phone. 


The monitor is usually dispatched the next working day after receipt of the submission form unless you have specified a certain date. Your monitor will be supplied with a complete fitting kit including a Lifecard CF monitor, HeartVets Holtervest, electrodes, battery, instructions and patient diary to be completed by the client. Duplicate forms are also available from the downloads section. 

The monitor is preset to record for 48 hours, and in most cases a recording duration of around 24 hours is considered appropriate for assessment of heart rate or rhythm away from the clinic. If your patient is suffering an episodic collapse the monitor can be set to record for up to 7 days and the set-up process for weekly recording is detailed in the fitting kit instructions.


When recording is complete you can remove the monitor but you DO NOT need to switch it off or press any buttons (although if you have pressed buttons accidentally this does not affect the recording).


To arrange collection of your monitor and vest please reply to the email you received confirming dispatch of the monitor, or you can call us on 0800 999 4333, or email and request a collection. A courier collection will be arranged for the next day and you will be supplied with the tracking number.

Here we show how to fit a Lifecard holder monitor to a dog using one of our bespoke Holter monitoring vests. click HERE to view the video in a separate window.

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